Figure 2: (a) Angiographic image obtained prior to embolization. Abnormal tortuous vessels (nidus) arise from the right renal artery (arrow heads). Early enhancement of inferior vena cava can be seen (arrow). (b) Embolization of abnormal vessels is performed from the ovarian artery using 0.8 cc of n-butyl-2-cyanoacylate (NBCA) lipiodol under arterial flow control by occlusion balloon (arrow). (c) Abnormal vessels from the renal lower segmental branch are embolized using a gelatin sponge and metallic coils. Extravasation to collecting system can be seen (arrow). (d) Extravasation to collecting system from the renal upper segmental branch (arrow). (e) Postembolization angiography. Minor abnormal vessels remain (arrow).