Case Report

Surgical Treatment for Profunda Femoris Artery Aneurysms: Five Case Reports

Table 2

Surgical procedures and intra- and postoperative findings.

PtSurgical procedureConduitOperative time (min)Intraoperative blood loss (mL)Pathology


2(Rt) Aneurysmectomy + revascularization
(Lt) Aneurysmectomy + revascularization
(Rt) 8 mm ePTFE + 6 mm ePTFE
(Lt) 8 mm ePTFE + 6 mm ePTFE
210502(Rt) Degenerative
(Lt) Degenerative

3Aneurysmectomy + revascularization8 mm Dacron8715Degenerative

4Aneurysmectomy + revascularization8 mm ePTFE13086Degenerative


Pt: patient; ePTFE: expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.