Research Article

Mechanical Circulatory Support as a Bridge to Lung Transplantation: A Single Canadian Institution Review

Table 2

Peri- and posttransplantation characteristics.


Waiting list time (d)9536830
Donor age (y)
Cold ischemic time
 Right lung (min)321406262
 Left lung (min)342454305
ICU LOS (d)13.114.716.5
Hospital LOS (d)49.74161.5
CPB use (%)78100100
Intubation (d)12.914.710.2
PGD 3 at T722 (29%)1 (25%)0 (0%)
Bridge time (d)17.919.244.8
Survival at 1 year (%)10067100
Overall causes of death

PGD 3 missing in 2 VA-ECMO. All numbers provided are means unless otherwise stated.