Table 2: Quality of the economic evaluations (as assessed by the CHEERS statement).

Item No.Section/item12345678
Highland KB et al. [12]Garin MC et al. [13]Coyle K et al. [14]Dranitsaris G et al. [15]Wlodarczyk JH et al. [16]Stevenson MD et al. [17]Fan et al. [18]Barbieri M et al. [19]

3Background and objectives11111111
4Target population and subgroups11111111
5Setting and location00000000
6Study perspective00111101
8Time horizon11111111
9Discount rate00111110
10Choice of health outcomes11111111
11Measurement of effectiveness11111111
12Measurement and valuation of preference-based outcomes11111110
13Estimating resources and costs11111111
14Currency, price date, and conversion11111111
15Choice of model11111111
17Analytical methods11111111
18Study parameters11111111
19Incremental costs and outcomes11111111
20Characterizing uncertainty11111111
21Characterizing heterogeneity00000100
22Study findings, limitations, generalizability, and current knowledge00000000
23Source of funding01111101
24Conflicts of interest01100001
Overall qualityModerateGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodModerateGood

Note. “1” meets the quality assessment criteria; “0” does not fully conform to the quality assessment criteria; CHEERS: Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards.