Table 1: Characteristics of participants at baselinea.

𝑁 b MedianFirstThirdMinMax

Age (y)22454.3352.0656.7945.8465.04
TLMP c (y)2242.761.765.020.7910.02
Family History of CVD (n)224
 Don’t know9
Weight (kg)22466.3559.9873.7043.7093.10
BMI (kg/m2)22424.4622.3327.0317.8431.66
Whole body fat mass d (%)22434.430.4538.3618.1245.95
Androidal fat mass d (kg)2245.314.197.121.1210.7
Serum total cholesterol (mg/dL)224206.5189226.2142297
Serum LDL-C (mg/dL)224127.5109141.262192
Serum HDL-C (mg/dL)2246455.757630111
Serum triacylglycerol (mg/dL)224765998.2518290
Serum C-reactive protein (mg/L)2181.0220.4532.0890.01329.860
Plasma fibrinogen (mg/mL)2183.3532.6574.3110.9146.854
Plasma total homocysteine (μmol/L)2187.2966.3187.6774.22417.64
RBC folate (ng/mL)21710.458.89612.824.59540.13
Blood glucose (mg/dL)2248580.759057117
Serum insulin (μU/mL)21811.398.43713.960.10436.14
HOMA e 2182.3621.6943.0060.0229.458
Serum uric acid (mg/dL)2244.
Systolic BP (mm/Hg)224119.5112.813293170
Diastolic BP (mm/Hg)22474.5688049111
Resting heart rate (bpm)2246863744499
Healthy Eating Index score2246756763795

a Baseline data are reported for the entire sample. Treatment groups did not differ significantly in any of the outcomes at baseline.
b The number of observations available at baseline
c Time since last menstrual period
d Assessed using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometery (DXA)
e Homeostatic model of insulin resistance