Review Article

Terminalia arjuna in Chronic Stable Angina: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Characteristics of included studies.

S. no.AuthorSample size Population studied Study designDuration of follow-upTest groupControl group

(1)Bharani et al., 2002 [14]58Male with stable angina (NYHA class II-III)Randomized crossover placebo controlled trial4 weeksTerminalia arjuna (500 mg TDS)Isosorbide mononitrate (20 mg BD)

(2) Kumar et al., 1999 [13] 20Adult with stable anginaOpen comparative trial12 weeksHartone 2 cap BD for 6 months, 1 cap BD for next 6 months Isosorbide mononitrate (20 mg BD)

(3) Dwivedi and Jauhari, 1997 [15] 24Adult with stable angina (NYHA-IV)Randomised controlled trial12 weeksConventional + Terminalia arjuna Conventional

(4) Dwivedi and Agarwal, 1994 [16] 20 Adult with stable and unstable anginaBefore and after treatment comparison12 weeks500 mg Terminalia arjuna BD

(5) Jain et al., 1992 [17] 25 Adult with stable anginaBefore and after treatment comparison12 weeksConventional + Terminalia arjuna 500 mg BD