Research Article

Upregulation of MicroRNA-125b Leads to the Resistance to Inflammatory Injury in Endothelial Progenitor Cells

Figure 1

miR-125b overexpression in EPCs preserved its migration and adhesion function after TNF-α treatment. EPCs were transfected with miR-125b mimic and negative control mimic for 24 h. (a) The level of miR125b measured by qRT-PCR (b). EPC migration and adhesion measured after transfection. Representative (c) and quantification (d) of the migratory activity of EPCs. Representative (e) and quantification (f) of DiI-labeled EPC adhesion to HUVECs with TNF-α activation (scale bar = 100 μm, vs. NC mimic with TNF-α treatment, n = 5).