Table 5: Examples of the seven highest ranked issues on June 30th, 2011.

(1) People, today, thought, now, we, love, recently
(2) Today, just, now, from now, really, seriously, alone, company
(3) KBS, police, reporter, wiretap, the public, Democratic party, the prosecution, congressman, parliament, Hanjin, Grand national party, bus
(4) The prosecution, thought, worker, discontent, resignation, group, prosecutor
(5) Baseball, Lotte, KBO, match, record, KIA, SK, Hanwha Corporation, today, Sajik, Munhak, Garcia, Samsung, Doosan, rain, called, cancellation, LG
(6) Lotte, one-piece, department store, today, gift card, purchase, period, T-shirts, Tweet, free
(7) Today, Seoul, bus, Hanjin, violation of the constitution, blockade, square, combat police