Table 4: Travel related parameter and data fit measures ( ).

Attributes, dissimilarity parameter, and data fit measuresMNL NL using nesting by shopping destination NL using nesting by travel mode CNL using nesting by shopping destination and travel mode
Parameter -statParameter -statParameter -statParameter -stat

Travel cost−0.392−6.42−0.392−6.39−0.346−6.60−0.389−6.36
Travel time−0.0754−9.52−0.0755−9.51−0.0643−9.81−0.0754−9.66
VTTS ( /min)0.19230.19260.18580.1938
Final LL−1308.608−1308.271−1364.445−1307.762
Adjusted 0.3430.3430.3160.333

Note. Alternative 1 is the reference category; LL: log-likelihood; VTTS: value of travel time savings.