Table 1: Main frame of cases in database.


TimeThe time of the traffic incident
LocationThe location of the traffic incident
Highway gradesChoice (freeway, others)
WeatherChoice (fine, cloud, rain, snow, fog, and frozen)
Minor wounds Numeric
Serious injuriesNumeric
Stranded personsNumeric
Fire emergencyChoice (none, slight, and serious)
Turn-over emergencyChoice (none, compact car, and large car)
Number of damaged vehiclesNumeric
Loses of facilitiesChoice (none, guardrails, medians, pavement, traffic signs or markings, and others)
Number of occupied lanesNumeric
Total lanes of the two-wayNumeric
Traffic flow conditionChoice (normal, slow down, congestion, and stopped)
Name of hazardous chemicalsCharacter
Chemical propertyChoice (flammable or explosive, poisonous, and corrosive)
Physical formChoice (gas, liquid, and solid)
RangesChoice (lanes, downwind, and downstream of rivers)
Quantity of leakageChoice (few, mass)