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Disease Markers
Volume 11, Issue 2-3, Pages 71-82

Glutathione Transferase GSTπ In Breast Tumors Evaluated By Three Techniques

Rafael Molina,1 Steffi Oesterreich,2 Jian-Liang Zhou,3 Atul K. Tandon,2 Gary M. Clark,2 D. Craig Allred,2 Alan J. Townsend,4 Jeffry A. Moscow,5 Kenneth H. Cowan,5 William L. Mcguire,2 and Suzanne A. W. Fuqua2

1Hospital Clinico Provincial, Barcelona, Spain
2University of Texas Health Science Center, Sail Antonio, Texas, USA
3University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
4Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Willston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
5National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Received 12 February 1993

Copyright © 1993 Hindawi Publishing Corporation. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The glutathione transferases are involved in intracellular detoxification reactions. One of these, GSTπ, is elevated in some breast cancer cells, particularly cells selected for resistance to anticancer agents. We evaluated GSTπ expression in 60 human breast tumors by three techniques, immunohistochemistry, Northern hybridization, and Western blot analysis. There was a significant positive correlation between the three methods, with complete concordance seen in 64% of the tumors. There was strong, inverse relationship between GSTπ expression and steroid receptor status with all of the techniques utili zed. [n addition, there was a trend toward higher GSTπ expression in poorly differentiated tumors, but no correlation was found between tumor GSTπ content and DNA ploidy or %S-phase. GSTπ expression was also detected in adjacent benign breast tissue as well as infiltrating lymphocytes; this expression may contribute to GSTπ measurements using either Northern hybridization or Western blot analysis. These re sults suggest that immunohistochemistry is the method of choice for measuring GSTπ in breast tumors.