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Disease Markers
Volume 17, Issue 2, Pages 41-48

Using Serial Analysis of Gene Expression to Identify Tumor Markers and Antigens

Gregory J. Riggins

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710, USA

Received 20 September 2001; Accepted 20 September 2001

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Tumor markers and antigens are normally highly expressed in malignant tissue, but not in the surrounding normal tissue. Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) is a technology that counts mRNA transcripts and can be used to find those genes most highly induced in malignant tissues. SAGE produces a comprehensive profile of gene expression and can be used to search for tumor biomarkers in a limited number of samples. Public sources of SAGE data, in particular through the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project, increase the value of this technology by making a large source of information on many tumors and normal tissues available for comparison. Although the perfect tumor-specific gene does not exist, the differences in gene expression between tumor and normal can be exploited for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.