Objectives: To study the interrelationships of adiponectin, C-reactive protein (CRP) and fibrinogen with each other in T2DM patients with (T2DM-C) and without complications (T2DM-NC) among healthy individuals.Design and methods: The study comprised of 120 T2DM-C, 59 T2DM-NC patients and 40 healthy volunteers. Biochemical markers were determined in the serum.Results: Positivity rates of CRP and fibrinogen were significantly increased in T2DM-C as compared to T2DM-NC or controls, whereas adiponectin showed highest level in healthy individuals. Inflammatory biomarkers were inversely correlated with adiponectin (P < 0.01). Lipid profiles, kidney functions and BMI, showed positive significant correlation with CRP and fibrinogen but negative correlation with adiponectin. For better detection of T2DM, the combined sensitivity (98.9%) and specificity (92.5%) of fibrinogen and adiponectin was higher than the combined sensitivity and specificity of fibrinogen and CRP or adiponectin and CRP or than that of the biomarkers alone.Conclusion: Elevated levels of CRP and fibrinogen and reduced level of adiponectin can be used for early diagnosis of T2DM and can predict diabetic complications.