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Volume 29 |Article ID 143907 | 5 pages | https://doi.org/10.3233/DMA-2010-0730

Relation between Development of Cardiovascular Disease and the C242T CYBA Polymorphism of the NADPH Oxidase in ESRD Patients

Received21 Oct 2010
Accepted21 Oct 2010


Background: The development of cardiovascular disease in ESRD patients is considered to be associated with oxidative stress. NAD(P)H oxidase has attracted attention as mechanisms of generating oxidative stress. We investigated the relation between the genotype of the C242T CYBA polymorphism of the NADPH oxidase and the development of cardiovascular disease in ESRD patients.Methods: A total of 289 ESRD patients were recruited and allocated to one of the two groups: patients without cardiovascular disease (group N; n=192) and patients developing cardiovascular disease (group D; n=97). The C242T CYBA polymorphism was determined by RFLP-PCR methods.Results: The frequency of the C242T CT+TT genotype was significantly lower in group D than in group N (9.1 vs. 20.2%). In multiple Logistic regression analysis, systolic blood pressure, smoking history and this gene polymorphism were shown to be independent variables for the development of cardiovascular disease in ESRD patients.Conclusions: These results suggest that assessment of the C242T CYBA polymorphism of the NADPH oxidase may be useful in identifying the risk for developing cardiovascular disease in ESRD patients.

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