Research Article

Hiwi Promotes the Proliferation of Colorectal Cancer Cells via Upregulating Global DNA Methylation

Figure 4

Global genomic methylation level in Caco-2 or HT-29 cells post-Ad-Hiwi or Ad-RFP infection. (a) and (c): time-dependence DNA methylation levels in Caco-2 cells (a) or HT-29 (c) cells, after being infected with Ad-Hiwi or Ad-RFP viruses. (b) and (d): dose-dependence of the methylation promotion by the Ad-Hiwi infection (0, 1, or 10 MOI) in Caco-2 cells (b) or HT-29 (d) cells, with the infection with 10 MOI Ad-RFP as control.