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The -938C>A Polymorphism in MYD88 Is Associated with Susceptibility to Tuberculosis: A Pilot Study

Table 2

Association of the MYD88 -938C>A with TB.

SNPGenetic modelOR (95% CIs)h-indexMode of inheritancep value

MYD88 -938C>AAdditive8.74 (0.41–186.4)0.79Dominance of mutant allele A to risk of disease0.14
Codominant5.58 (2.80–11.12)<0.01

Odds ratio (OR) and the corresponding 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for testing the association between MYD88 -938C>A and TB for the additive and codominant models along with the h-index and the respective mode of inheritance for the significant allele are shown.