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Review Article

miRNAs and Melanoma: How Are They Connected?

Table 1

Alterations of miRNAs machinery biogenesis components and their role on tumorigenesis.

Altered componentsCell typeConsequenceReference

Dgcr8 knockoutmouse stem cellsmiRNA synthesis disruption, cell proliferation and differentiation changes[29]
Drosha increasesquamous cells carcinomamiRNA profile modification[30]
XPO5 mutationin a subset of human tumorspre-miRNA accumulation[27]
Dicer increasecutaneous malignant melanomas[38]
TRBP2 mutationcolorectal and endometrial cancer cellsDICER1 destabilization and miRNA processing disturbed[42]
Ago2 increasebreast cancer cellsmore aggressive phenotype of breast cancer lineage negative for ER expression[47]