Figure 1: Cell viability of NHEK, HaCaT, and NHDF after incubation with 0.01–100 µg/mL TSw and TSc for 48 h normalized to activity of untreated control cells (black line). Extracellular enzyme activity measured by WST-1 reduction is shown in (a) (NHEK), (b) (HaCaT), and (c) (NHDF). MTT reduction as indicator for intracellular enzyme activity is presented in (d) (NHEK), (e) (HaCaT), and (f) (NHDF). (g), (h), and (i) depict the extracellular LDH activity compared to extracellular LDH activity of untreated cells (=0%). Presented are the mean values ± SD of replicates of three independent experiments with compared to untreated cells.