Table 2: Comparing patients in groups I and II as regards PASI score, interleukin-17, and interleukin-18 before and after treatment with both narrow band UVB and methotrexate.

Patient group (Number = 15)MeanStandard deviation valueSignificance

PASI (before treatment)
 Group I21.10.6 0.1Nonsignificant
 Group II24.70.9
PASI (after treatment)
 Group I15.41.2 0.9Nonsignificant
 Group II16.81.1
IL-17 (ng/L) before treatment
 Group I2.01.5 0.7Nonsignificant
 Group II2.20.7
IL-17 (ng/L) after treatment
 Group I1.31.20.400.6Nonsignificant
 Group II1.10.5
IL-23 (ng/L) before treatment
 Group I499.1207.10.790.4Nonsignificant
 Group II440.9193.8
IL-23 (ng/L) after treatment
 Group I281.7214.10.080.9Nonsignificant
 Group II276.0179.3

The independent samples -test.