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Review Article

Zinc Therapy in Dermatology: A Review

Table 1

Therapeutic uses of systemic and topical zinc.

Disease Route of administrationEfficacyReference number

Warts Topical Efficacious as 5%, 10% zinc sulphate lotion, 20% zinc oxide paste, and 2% intralesional zinc sulphate injection. [6, 7, 11]
Oral 10 mg/kg/day oral zinc sulphate for 2 months was an effective modality for recalcitrant warts. [9, 10]

Cutaneous leishmaniasis Intralesional Clinical cure with 2% intralesional zinc sulphate was comparable to meglumine antimoniate. [12]
Oral Oral zinc sulphate in doses of 2.5, 5, and 10 mg/kg/day for 45 days was an effective and safe treatment option. [13]

Leprosy Oral Rapid clinical improvement in leprosy lesions and erythema nodosum leprosum seen on addition of oral zinc along with MDT. [15, 16]

Herpes genitalis Topical Topical 1%, 2%, and 4% zinc sulphate for 3 months was effective in treating and preventing recurrences of herpes genitalis. [18]

Dermatophytoses Topical 20% zinc-undecylenate powder applied twice daily for 4 weeks showed clinical improvement in tinea pedis. [19]

Bromhidrosis Topical Topical 15% zinc sulphate solution was efficacious in management of bromhidrosis and foot malodour. [20, 21]

Pityriasis versicolor Topical Topical 15% zinc sulphate solution applied once daily for 3 weeks was effective in pityriasis versicolor. [22]

Acne vulgaris Topical Topical 5% zinc sulphate was effective in mild to moderate acne. [34, 36]
Oral Oral zinc sulphate and zinc gluconate were useful in moderate to severe acne. [3740]

Rosacea Oral Oral zinc sulphate 100 mg thrice a day was effective in rosacea after 3 months of therapy. [48]

Hidradenitis suppurativa Oral Oral zinc gluconate 90 mg/day showed significant clinical improvement. [50]

Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis Topical Topical 0.25% zinc pyrithione applied twice daily was found useful in plaque psoriasis. [52]
Oral Oral zinc sulphate was efficacious in psoriatic arthritis. [53]

Eczemas Topical Zinc oxide paste and zinc sulphate were effective in diaper dermatitis and hand eczemas. [57]

Ulcers Topical Topical zinc oxide paste induced rapid healing of vascular and leprosy ulcers. [6062]
Oral No role of systemic zinc sulphate noted in leg ulcers. [59]

Behcet’s disease and oral aphthae Oral Oral zinc sulphate 100 mg/day was an effective in oral aphthosis and Behcet’s disease. [63, 64]

Alopecia areata Oral 5 mg/kg/day of oral zinc sulphate induced significant hair growth after 6 months of therapy. [68]

Oral lichen planus Topical 0.2% zinc mouthwash with fluocinolone was effective in oral lichen planus. [72]

Xeroderma pigmentosum Topical 20% zinc sulphate solution applied twice daily cleared the solar keratoses and small malignancies. [73]

Actinic keratoses Topical 25% zinc sulphate solution applied twice daily for 12 weeks cleared majority of the lesions. [74]

Basal cell carcinoma Intralesional Intralesional 2% zinc gluconate was efficacious in basal cell carcinoma. [75]

Vitiligo Oral Oral zinc sulphate showed moderate efficacy when given as an adjuvant with topical steroids. [78]

Melasma Topical 10% zinc sulphate solution applied twice daily for 3 months showed significant reduction in MASI score. [79]

Keloids Topical Locally applied zinc tape showed significant clearing and reduction in relapses of keloids. [82, 83]

Antiageing Topical 0.1% copper-zinc malonate cream applied twice daily for 8 weeks showed significant reduction of wrinkles. [84]