Table 6: Characteristics of each temperament.

TemperamentCharacteristics of each temperament

Depressive temperamentSkeptical, hypercritical or complaining, conscientious or self-disciplining, self-critical, self-reproaching or self-derogatory, gloomy, pessimistic, humourless or incapable of fun, preoccupied with inadequacy, failure and negative events to the point of morbid enjoyment of one's failures, and brooding and given to worry.

Cyclothymic temperament Introverted self-absorption alternating with uninhibited people seeking, marked unevenness in quantity and quality of productivity-associated unusual working hours, shaky self-esteem alternating low self-confidence and overconfidence, biphasic dysregulation characterized by abrupt endoreactive shifts from one phase to the other, each phase lasting for few days at a time, with infrequent euthymia, unexplained tearfulness alternating with excessive punning and jocularity, decreased verbal output alternating with talkativeness, mental confusion alternating with sharpened and creative thinking, and hypersomnia alternating with decreased need for sleep.

Hyperthymic temperament Cheerful, overoptimistic or exuberant, vigorous, full of plans, improvident, carried away by restless impulses, overtalkative, warm, people-seeking or extroverted, uninhibited, stimulus-seeking or promiscuous, naïve, overconfident, self-assured, boastful, bombastic or grandiose, overinvolved, and meddlesome.

Irritable temperamentHabitually moody irritable and choleric with infrequent euthymia, impulsive, obtrusiveness, tendency to brood, dysphoric restlessness, indeterminate early onset, and ill-humored joking.

Anxious temperamentWorry, vigilance, tension, oversensitive, unrestful sleep, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The characteristics of each TEMPS-A temperament adapted from previous studies [2527].