Depression Research and Treatment / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Gender Differences in Depression: Assessing Mediational Effects of Overt Behaviors and Environmental Reward through Daily Diary Monitoring

Table 2

Indirect effects of gender on depression through duration and reward values of overt behaviors using bootstrapping technique ( : 5000 bootstrap samples).

Point estimateBCa 95% CI

Simple mediation
Total domains engaged−.29−1.900.38
Total average reward−.82−2.90−0.02*
Social reward−1.20−2.430.01
Physcial duration.11−0.421.07
Health/hygiene duration−1.07−3.290.43
Spiritual duration−.47−1.380.47
Passive/sedentary reward−1.12−2.420.04
Sexual duration−.17−0.990.47
Hobbies/recreation duration−1.56−5.66−0.14*
Eating with others duration−.68−1.960.02
Eating with others reward−1.13−3.150.96
“Other behaviors” reward−1.72−4.57−0.72*

BCa CI = Bias-corrected and accelerated confidence interval. Confidence intervals containing zero are considered nonsignificant.* .