Depression Research and Treatment / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Mental Health Services Required after Disasters: Learning from the Lasting Effects of Disasters

Table 1

Groups with different mental health needs following disasters.

(i) People who are at risk of distress, mental health problems, and
  mental disorders, principally anxiety, depressive, and substance
  use disorders, consequent on their direct and indirect
  involvement in events and who present new and additional
  demands on mental health services.
(ii) People who have continuing needs for mental health services
  for preexisting conditions, but whose care is threatened
  by challenges to the “business continuity” of preexisting
  mental health services consequent on network and community
(iii) People whose involvement in an emergency provokes or
  precipitates the relapse of a preexisting mental disorder.
(iv) People who are responders and whose mental health might be
  put at raised risk consequent on their work.