Depression Research and Treatment / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Perinatal Depression and Patterns of Attachment: A Critical Risk Factor?

Table 1

Descriptive analysis of both groups: sociodemographics variables related to pregnancy (-test).

VariablesPNDC value
( = 89)( = 89)

Mean age (SD) 32.8 (5.7)33.3 (4.8)NS
Civil status (%)
 Single 4.53.4NS
 Married∖common-law wife 9193.3NS
 Separated∖divorcee 3.43.4NS
 Widow 1.10NS
Socioenvironmental position (%)
 Single 3.40 NS
 Family of origin 92.2NS
 Her own family 86.595.5NS
 Other 1.12.2NS
Schooling (%)
 Junior high-school diploma20.29NS
 Senior high-school diploma40.439.3NS
 University degree39.351.7NS
Working position (%)
 Student 3.44.5NS
 Housewife 12.412.4NS
 Unemployed 92.2NS
 Entrepreneur∖freelancer 11.214.6NS
 Employee∖executive 46.149.4NS
 Worker and the like 14.614.6NS
 Casual work 3.42.2NS
First pregnancy (%)59.558.4NS
Complication during pregnancy (%)31.528.1NS

PND: perinatal depression group; C: control group. : number of subjects. NS: not significant.