Table 2: Analysis showing late onset depression: Add Health Waves I–IV.

OS parents SS parentsRisk ratio95% CI > ln(OS/SS) = 0Effect size (SMD)
% (SE)% (SE)

Depression (CES-D)
 Wave I21.8 (.66)18.3 (14.4).83.2–3.9.82−.13
 Wave IV19.7 (.63)51.0 (15.1)2.61.4–
Change Wave I-Wave IV−2.1+32.73.1+.98

Table values show logit estimates adjusted for parents’ education and income and respondent’s age, sex, race, education (at Wave IV), and income (at Wave IV). Test shown tests the equivalence of the logit coefficients, that is, ln(OS/SS) = 0. Effect size reports standard mean difference following Chinn [23].