Table 3: Logistic regression models predicting risk ratio for depression at Wave IV by origin family type (same-sex parents versus opposite-sex parents): Add Health Waves I–IV.

Model 3.1Model 3.2Model 3.3Model 3.4Model 3.5

Risk ratio (SS/OS) (1.4–4.6) (1.2–4.1) (1.0–3.7) (.93–3.4).99 (.37–2.7)
Effect size (SS/OS).56.50.00
Wave I mental health
 Suicide ideation
Family of origin factors
 Parental child abuse
 Parental distance
Perceived stigma
Obesity (Wave IV)1.05

Numbers in parentheses report the 95% confidence interval. Significance tests equality of coefficients, that is, ln(OS/SS) = 0. ; ; ; . Significant results are in boldface. All models include adjustments for demographic control variables: age, sex, race, education (at Wave IV), income (at Wave IV), and parent education and income. Coefficients report odds ratios except as noted.