Table 1: Association of family tenure with child outcomes, by family type (same-sex parents versus opposite-sex parents) in Add Health Wave I.

Same-sex parentsOpposite-sex parentsTest

Tenure with longer parent (mean)14.213.8 (.68)Difference of means (t)
Tenure with both parents (mean)7.312.5 (.02)Difference of means (t)
Outcomes by tenure (both parents)
 Depression (OR, sig.)2.16 (.34).85 (.000)OR ≠ 1 (t)
 Suicide ideation (OR, sig.)1.00 (.99).90 (.003)OR ≠ 1 (t)
 Anxiety (OR)1.22 (.89).91 (.05)OR ≠ 1 (t)
N (unweighted)2018,266

Odds ratios report age-adjusted logistic regression estimates for 5-year categories of tenure with both parents.
Numbers in parentheses report value for the referenced test.