Taeyeumjoweetang (TYJWT) is a herbal medication that was mentioned in Jema Lee's Donguisusebowon, which is a book about Sasang constitutional medicine. Tae-eumnis, one of the four constitutions, tend to suffer from metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. It is widely used to treat the digestive problems and obesity of Tae-eumins. We divided mice that were fed a normal diet for 48 days into control, TYJWT 250 mg kg-1 and TYJWT 500 mg kg-1 groups. After carrying out the experiments, the serum levels of leptin, adiponectin, ghrelin and resistin were measured. The results showed that TYJWT significantly reduced the weights of mice that were fed a normal diet, and that this was due to a decrease in food intake. Also, the two TYJWT groups had lower serum levels of leptin compared to the control group, and the ghrelin levels were proportionately increased by the dosage of TYJWT given. These results show that TYJWT has obesity-suppressing effects similar to those previously reported using high fat diets. In addition, these results also provide evidence that TYJWT has anti-obesity effects.