Figure 2: Amelioration of the TMT-induced impairment of short-term memory by the feeding with RJ. Mice were processed according to the schedule illustrated in (a). The mice were treated with TMT in PBS or PBS alone on day 0, and feeding with RJ (0, 1 or 5%) for 6 days was started from day 2. The spontaneous alternation behavior test was performed on day 8. The ordinates in (b) and (c) show the total alternation opportunities (total arm entries) and percentage of alternation, respectively, measured for 8 min. The values are expressed as the mean ± SE (n = 8–10). The difference between the control value (PBS-treated mice fed without RJ) and that for the TMT-treated mice fed without RJ diet was significant at *P <  .05 by one-way ANOVA with Holm's test. #P <  .05, TMT-treated mice with versus without RJ (5%).