Case Report

Goal-Directed Acupuncture in Sports—Placebo or Doping?

Figure 1

Acupuncture points, used for stimulation to improve the sports’ performance in top modern pentathlon athlete. (a) Acupuncture points ST36 and GB34, situated on the proximal latero-anterior surface of the lower leg, were stimulated before running. (b) Acupuncture points of the upper extremities LI4, 10, 11; TH 5 and GB21 were used to relieve arm fatigue during fencing and stiffness of the shoulder muscles during swimming. (c) Acupuncture point H7, situated on the distal ulnar part of the forearm was used to treat general excitement and tremor of dominant arm during shooting. (d) Acupuncture point GV26, situated in the midline of the upper lip, was used, as the point for general tonification. For precise anatomical landmarks of acupuncture points please consult [4].