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Water Extract of Ashwagandha Leaves Limits Proliferation and Migration, and Induces Differentiation in Glioma Cells

Figure 7

NCAM detection in the presence of ASH-WEX. Immunofluorescence detection of NCAM is shown in control, 0.5 and 1.0% ASH-WEX-treated C6 glioma cultures (a). Images were captured using Nikon E600 fluorescent microscope. Representative phase contrast images of control, 0.5 or 1.0% ASH-WEX-treated cells, in which motility was analyzed by wound-scratch test. Images show the starting (0 hours after scratch) and the end (6 hours after scratch) point of the analysis (b). Immunocytochemistry of NCAM analysis performed in both control and in ASH-WEX-treated cells at 6 hours post wounding (c). Graph showing the relative intensity measurement of immunofluorescence after 72 hours of treatment with ASH-WEX (d). (e) Graph shows that the rate of C6 glioma migration in response to ASH-WEX treatment in comparison to untreated cells. Data are obtained from a set of scratch test analysis (N = 3) and are expressed as means ± standard error. Representative western blot hybridization signals for NCAM from control and test samples (0.5 and 1.0% ASH-WEX treated for 72 hours) (f). a: (P < .05), b: (P < .02) and d: (P < .001) are significant changes in ASH-WEX-treated cultures as compared with control cultures.