Figure 2: DBT increases the cell proliferation and alkaline phosphatase activity in cultured MG-63 cells. (a) Cultured MG-63 cells were treated with extracts (1 mg mL−1) derived from DBT, RA, RAS, and RA + RAS for 48 h to determine the cell proliferation by cell counting (upper panel) and MTT assay (lower panel). β-Estradiol (E2; 10 and 100 nM) was used as a positive control, while 0.0001% DMSO served as a vehicle. (b) Cultures were treated as in (a) to determine the enzymatic activity of alkaline phosphatase (ALP). (c) A dose-response curve of DBT was performed for both assays as in (a) and (b), with treatment time for 48 h. Values are expressed in percentage of increase as compared with control cultures (without herbal extract), and are in mean ± SEM, where n = 5, each with triplicate samples. **P < .01.