Table 2: Items, factor loading, internal consistencies, and mean values of EYT and Yoga groups (study 1).

ItemsFactor loadingMeanSDDifficulty index

Inner Correspondence with Practices/ Easiness (eigenvalue 4.5; alpha )
B3 during the practices there was no need to think about it; I could fully get into it.7562.651.040.66
B6 during the practices I was able to forget myself completely.6952.351.160.59
B13 learned practices were easy for me.6832.350.980.70
B4 Emotionally, I could completely come to terms with the practices.671.3133.010.860.75
B9 feelings and intentions corresponded with movements.641.325.3602.800.930.70
B16 felt comfortable and relaxed during my practices.5502.960.890.74
B7 full heartedly within the practices.550.5003.140.790.59

Performance with inner involvement (eigenvalue 1.2; alpha )
B15 mostly performed practices without real inner involvement (-).7953.420.830.86
B14 performed the learned practices with much inner resistance (-).624.3503.410.870.85
B1 performed the learned practices consciously.445.4933.570.580.89

Successful transformation into movement (eigenvalue 1.0; alpha )
B10 did not really succeed in transforming my “inner pictures” (images in my mind) into movements (-).7622.311.050.58
B8 not really successful in balancing movements with feelings and intentions (-).7572.551.160.58

Focus on Perfect Form of Movements (alpha )
B2 tried to perform the learned practices perfectly3.180880.80
B12 While performing the practices, I am fully focused on their perfect accomplishment2.931.000.73

B5 During the exercises and movements I followed certain “inner pictures” which arose.

Principal component analysis; Varimax rotation with Kaiser normalization (rotation converged in 8 iterations). (-) recoded items.
marker item specific for EYT.