Table 2: Effect of K+ channel blockers on the inhibition of tanshinone IIA-induced changes in in A7r5 .

(nmol l−1)
Phenylephrine (10 nmol l−1)KCl (40 mmol l−1)
VehicleTanshinone IIA (10 μmol l−1)VehicleTanshinone IIA (10 μmol l−1)

Glibenclamide (μmol l−1)
Apamin (0.1 μmol l−1)
Charybdotoxin (0.1 μmol l−1)
Barium chloride (10 μmol l−1)
4-Aminopyridine (1 mmol l−1)

(mean ± SD) were obtained from six experiments. The obtained from A7r5 cells without any treatment was 214.7 ± 34.2 nmol l−1. Data from phenylephrine (10 nmol l−1)- or KCl (40 mmol l−1)-treated cells without K+ channel blockers treatment were served as basal level in each group. * and ** versus basal level obtained from cells treated with the same volume of vehicle to dissolve testing K+ channel blockers in each group. # and ## versus value from cells received tanshinone IIA treatment in the absence of K+ channel blockers in each group.