Research Article

Impact of Intensive Land-Based Fish Culture in Qingdao, China, on the Bacterial Communities in Surrounding Marine Waters and Sediments

Figure 1

Electrophoresis of genomic DNA isolated from bacterial community in water and sediments of fish-culture-associated environments in Qingdao, China. Showing PVPP and Sephacryl is effective to purify the crude DNA extracts. (A) purified DNA extracts with PVPP and Sephacryl; (B) crude DNA before purification. Marker: λDNA digested with HindIII (arrow indicates a 23.1 kb fragment), 1: water from the fish culture pond; 2: water in effluent channel; 3: water from polluted sea area; 4: sediment from polluted sea area; 5: water from unpolluted sea area; 6: sediment from unpolluted sea area.