Table 2: Some individual bacterial strains that influence the immune system [47].


L. casei ShirotaInduced IL-12 production
Heat-killed L. casei and L. fermentumInduced TNF- production
L. paracasei Ncc2461Induced CD4+ T-cells to produce IL-10 and TGF-
L. rhamnosus GG with LPSInhibited TNF- , but not IL-10
L. reuteri + L. brevisInduced TNF- , IL-2, IL-1
L. rhamnasus + L. acidophilus + B. lacticEnhanced immunoreactivity of spleen cells and phagocytes
L. acidophilis + L. delbrueckii ssp bulgaricus + B. bifidumProduced an anti-inflammatory response
L. casei ShirotaInhibited translocation of NF- B and production of IL-6

L., Lactobacillus; B., Bifidobacterium.