Table 1: The design of this study.

Day/groupGroup CCGroup AC Group NCEstrus cycleDuration of pregnancy

Day 1CC (100 mg/kg)CC (100 mg/kg) acupunctureDiestrus
Day 2CC (100 mg/kg)CC (100 mg/kg) acupunctureDiestrus proestrus
Day 3HCG (0.1 IU/g) matedAcupuncture HCG (0.1 IU/g) mated MatedProestrus estrus
Day 4Found spermFound sperm acupunctureFound spermThe 1st day
Day 5AcupunctureThe 2nd day
Day 6AcupunctureThe 3rd day
Day 7The 4th day
Day 8Drew blood collected uterusDrew blood collected uterusDrew blood collected uterusThe 5th day

CC: clomiphene citrate; AC: acupuncture; NC: normal control; HCG: human chorionic gonadotrophin.