Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2011 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Neuroprotection by the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tao-Hong-Si-Wu-Tang, against Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion-Induced Cerebral Ischemia in Rats

Figure 3

Effects of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu-Tang (THSWT) on the expressions of (a) tumor necrosis factor (TNF)- and (b) active caspase-3 in cerebral homogenates 24 h after middle cerebral artery occlusion-(MCAO-) reperfusion injury in rats. Fresh brains from sham-operated (lane 1), solvent-treated (lane 2), and THSWT (0.7 g  )-treated (lane 3) rats were removed and sectioned coronally into four sequential parts from the frontal lobe to the occipital lobe. The third of four sequential parts of the ischemic-injured hemisphere was separately collected, homogenized, and centrifuged. The supernatant (50  g protein) was then subjected to SDS-PAGE and transferred onto membranes for analysis of TNF- and active caspase-3 expressions. The results are representative examples of three similar experiments. Data are presented as the means   S.E.M. and , compared to the sham-operated group (lane 1). Equal loading in each lane is demonstrated by similar intensities of -tubulin.