Table 3

ItemResponse options

What is your gender?- Male - Female

What is your age:- Numerical response (18–99)

What is your ethnicity?- Hispanic or Latino - Not Hispanic or Latino

What is your race? (You many select multiple answers for this question)- White - Black or African American - Asian - Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander - American Indian or Alaskan Native

Are you a medical student in the USA?- Yes - No

What is your year in medical school?- MS-I - MS-II - MS-III - MS-IV - NA

What medical school do you attend?- List response of all US medical schools - Other (with open response)

Is coursework in CAM offered at your medical school?- Yes - No - Do not know

Would you like to receive more education about CAM as part of your medical education?- Yes - No

Do you feel that the education you have received regarding CAM as part of your - Yes
medical education has been adequate?- No

Have you studied CAM? (You may select more than one answer for this question.)- As part of the core coursework at your medical school - As an elective at your medical school - Outside of your medical school - Never

Have you ever treated yourself with CAM?- Yes - No

Have you ever treated someone else with CAM?- Yes - No

Have you ever received treatment from a provider of CAM(e.g., an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, etc.)- Yes - No

Have you ever personally used any of the following forms of CAM?


NeverMore than 12 months agoWithin the past 12 months

Chelation therapy
Chiropractic care
Deep breathing exercises
Diet-based therapies
Energy healing therapy/Reiki
Folk medicine
Guided imagery
Herbal medicine
Homeopathic treatment
Magnet therapy
Megavitamin therapy
Nonvitamin, nonmineral, natural products
Prayer for health reasons
Progressive relaxation
Qi gong
Tai chi

Do you have any comments?Open response