Table 2: The finest subsets of negative symptoms (signs).

Symptoms (Signs)Syndromes (Patterns)
Damp-heat accumulating in the spleen-stomachDampness obstructing the spleen-stomachSpleen-stomach qi deficiencySpleen-stomach deficiency coldLiver stagnationStagnated heat in liver-stomach

1White tongue coatingRed tongueRed lipsRed lipsFatigueTongue with teethmarks

2Thin tongue coatingDark-red tongueThick tongue coatingStabbing painThick tongue coatingThick tongue coating

3Fat tongueThin tongue coatingMixed yellow and white tongue coatingGood appetite but fast hungerBitter tasteGreasy tongue coating

4Tongue with teethmarksYellow tongue coatingGreasy tongue coatingThick tongue coatingCold painFat tongue

5Whitish LipsDistending pain in the chest and hypochondriac areaRed tongueFetid mouth odorGreasy tongue coatingWhitish tongue

6Whitish complexionWiry pulseDark-red tongueRed tongueRapid pulseWhite tongue coating

7Whitish tongueWhitish lipsYellow tongue coatingHeat sensation in both palms and solesThin tongue coatingSlippery pulse

8Dark -purple lipsYellow urineRetrosternal burning sensationThin tongueLoose stoolCold limbs

9Large pulseYellow tongue coatingDeep pulse

10Preference for eating cold foodHeaviness of the body

11Dry tongue coatingRotten tongue coating

12Hesitant pulse