Table 1: Symptom list.

Symptoms of comprehensive subset
Symptoms of TCM subsetSymptoms of western medicine

(1) Chest pain(21) Sighing(41) Frothy sputum(61) Red eye(79) ST normal(97) Ef
(2) Oppression in chest(22) Depression(42) Pharyngeal foreign body(62) Deep-colored eye weeks(80) ST lower than
(98) A/e
(3) Shortness of breath(23) Inappetence(43) Thirst without large fluid intake(63) Eyelids swelling(81) ST greater than 0.1(99) Wall motion
(4) Palpitation(24) Abdominal distension(44) Tastelessness(64) Dark red lip and gingivitis(82) ST limb breast high(100) Valve regurgitation
(5) Cough(25) Ruffian of epigastrium(45) Bitter taste in mouth(65) Light-colored lip and methyl(83) ECG(101) Regurgitant degree
(6) Chilly sensation and the cold limbs(26) Belching(46) Sweet taste in mouth(66) Deep-colored palate mucosa(84) Q wave(102) Leukocyte
(7) Tiredness and fatigue(27) Nausea and vomiting(47) Salty taste in mouth(67) Less abdominal pressure(85) Frequent extrasystole(103) Neutral %
(8) Spontaneous sweating(28) Loose stool(48) Sticky and greasy sensation in mouth(68) Lower extremity edema(86) High left ventricular voltage(104) Lymph %
(9) Night sweating(29) Constipation(49) Morning diarrhea(69) Faint low voice(87) T wave(105) Erythrocyte
(10) Dysphoria with feverish sensation in chest, palms, and
(30) Soreness and weakness of waist and knees(50) Powerless in defecation(70) Atrophy(88) Diameter of main root(106) Hemoglobin
(11) Dry eyes(31) Frequent urination at night(51) Deep-colored urine(71) Tongue quality(89) Main pulmonary(107) Platelet
(12) Dry mouth(32) Limb numbness(52) Clear urine in large amounts(72) Patchy petechia and ecchymosis(90) Left atrial dimension(108) Fasting plasma glucose
(13) Dizziness(33) Heel pain(53) Residual urine(73) Tongue body(91) Interventricular septum thickness(109) TG
(14) Amnesia(34) Hemiplegic limbs(54) Coldness in abdomen and waist(74) Quality of tongue coating(92) Pulsatile range(110) TG
(15) Vertigo(35) Subcutaneous ecchymosis(55) Heavy limbs(75) Color of tongue coating(93) End-diastolic diameter(111) HDL
(16) Tinnitus(36) Rough skin(56) Pale complexion(76) Body fluid on tongue coating(94) Systolic diameter(112) LDL
(17) Facial flush(37) Obesity(57) Suddenly white complexion(77) Vein color(95) Right ventricular diameter(113) Fibrinogen
(18) Insomnia(38) White phlegm(58) Darkish complexion(78) Vein type(96) Outflow tract
(19) Fussy temper and irascibility(39) Yellow phlegm(59) Sallow complexion
(20) Distending pain in the hypochondria(40) Blood in the sputum(60) Flushing