Table 1: Characteristics and methodological quality of included studies.

Study IDSampleTime of onsetCT MRIIntervention in control groupQKL injection dose dayCourseFollowup (month)DeathAdverse effect

Liang 2000 [15]80<72 hYesConventional treatment30 mL14 d1NoUnclear
Tan et al. 2003 [10]65<72 hYesConventional treatment40 mL14 dNo2/22 eruption and 1 dizziness
Wu et al. 2007 [14]88<72 hYesConventional treatment1200 mg (freeze-drying agent, roughly equivalent to 60 mL)14 dNoNoUnclear
Yan and Li 2010 [13]150<6 hYesUrokinase + conventional treatment40 mL7 dNoNoNo
Yang et al. 2003 [12]58<72 hYesConventional treatment80 mL20 dNoNoNo
Zeng and Feng 2003 [11]64<24 hYesConventional treatment60 mL20 dNoNoUnclear
Yu and Liao 1999 [16]40<72 hYesConventional treatment50 mL14 d11/7No

Conventional medicine treatment includes mannital, dextran, nimodipine, aspirin, and so on.