Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Treatment of Common Cold Patients with the Shi-Cha Capsule: A Multicenter, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Dose-Escalation Trial

Table 2

Standard formula of SCC.

Chinese namePharmaceutical nameThe principle of prescriptionSourcePharmacological actions in TCM

Shi JiaocaoBoenninghausenia  sessilicarpa Primary ingredients in a prescriptionThe dried whole plant of Boenninghausenia  sessilicarpa  Levl To dispel wind and dry dampness, to regulate Qi to relieve pain, and anti-inflammation caused by common cold
Xiao ShanchaElsholtzia  bodinieri  Van Minister herbThe dried whole plant of Elsholtzia  bodinieri  Van To relieve exterior by diaphoresis, to clear away heat-dampness and promote diuresis, to regulate Qi to ease the stomach caused by common cold
Huang QiAstragalus  membranaceus Minister herbThe dried root of Astragalus  membranaceus To tonify Qi and relieve exterior, to supply Qi for strengthening exterior, to induce diuresis to remove edema, to promote pus discharge and tissue regeneration by strengthening Qi caused by common cold
Yu XingcaoHouttuynia  cordata  Thunb Adjuvant and messenger herbThe dried whole plant of Houttuynia  cordata  Thunb To clear away heat-toxin caused by common cold
Qian LiguangClimbing  groundsel  Herb Adjuvant and messenger herbThe dried whole plant of Climbing  groundsel  Herb To clear away heat-toxin caused by common cold
Qiang HuoForbes  Notopterygium Adjuvant and messenger herbThe dried rhizome and root of Forbes  notopterygium To remove dampness to relieve pain caused by common cold

SCC: Shi-Cha capsule; TCM: traditional Chinese medicine; Qi: vital energy.