Figure 4: The therapeutic effects of GP were validated using marker expression patterns. A comparison of gene expressions measured by Q-RT-PCR and microarray is shown (a and b). TaqMan® assays were conducted in triplicate for each sample, and the mean value was used to calculate expression levels (square markers). To standardize the quantification of Timp1 (a) and Tgfb1 (b), 18s rRNA from each sample was quantified at the same time as the target gene and is shown on the right-hand log scale. For the Timp1 transcripts, rc_AI169327_at and rc_AI169327_g_at (circles and triangles, resp., in a) and Tgfb1 transcripts, X52498cds_at (triangles in b), expression levels from microarray data are relative to the average of all gene expression levels and are shown on the left-hand scale.