Table 2: Attitudes, values and motives (main and subcategories).

Main categorySubcategory

(A) Attitudes, values and motives

(A1) Medical culture Maintenance of traditional knowledge
Long experience as proof of evidence
Family tradition
Social trend
Marker of higher education
Doctors as main representatives
Refusing exaggerated faith in progress

(A2) Personal experience (mainly expressed in comparison to conventional medicine) Better effects
More gentle effects
Fewer side effects
Sustained, not only symptomatic cure and
Slower onset of action/more time with herbals
Preventive effects
Herbals as primary treatment approach
Substitution of antibiotics
Herbals appeal to the senses/evocate positive memories

(A3) Subjective theory of disease Holistic approach
Herbals strengthen body’s natural defence system
Herbals do not disturb the body’s balance
Causal way of healing

(A4) Defensive attitude towards conventional medicine High risk of side effects (especially antibiotics)
Conventional doctors’ lack of time
Patients do not feel taken seriously
Mistrust towards pharmaceutical companies

(A5) Active role Elevated health awareness
Active role
More autonomy
High self-responsibility
Looking for other sources of help