Figure 5: A nude mouse model showing inhibition of SKOV-3 xenograft tumor growth as well as HER2 and Ki-67 expression by TPL. (a) Daily treatment with TPL (0.15 mg/kg) after SKOV-3 tumor xenograft transplantation significantly reduced tumor size compared with vehicle. (b) Body weight in mice was not significantly different between the TPL-treated and PBS-treated groups. (c) Downregulation of HER2 and (d) Ki-67 expression by TPL in SKOV-3-induced xenograft solid tumors in nude mice. The IHC analyses of SKOV-3-xenografted tumors were taken from the inoculated nude mice. TPL significantly reduced HER2 expression (brown color) in tumor sections from HercepTest scores of 3+ to 2+ ( ) (c). In addition, TPL-treated mice had significantly less Ki-67 protein (red color) than vehicle controls (d) ( ).