Table 2: Meditation lifestyle of practitioners.

Meditation lifestyle dataMeditation practitioners

Total responses ( )343
Mean duration of practice (years)12.9
% who meditate regularly95.6
% Formal meditation, twice/day51.2
% Formal meditation, once/day31.8
% Formal meditation, most days12.1
% Formal meditation, once/week or less5
% Group meditation, once/day or more10.1
% Group meditation, most days10.2
% Group meditation, once/week60.5
% Socialize with other practitioners most days or more often11.6
% Socialize with other practitioners once/week37.8
% Socialize with other practitioners less than once/week50.6
% who do not consume alcohol92.3
% who do not smoke92.6
% who do not use marijuana or other recreational drugs98