Table 1: Morphometry (median, minimum/maximum) of the blood vessels from the fresh chorioallantoic membrane from fertilized chicken eggs.

TreatmentMarked area of the CAM

CEE10.47 (1.43/57.49)*
HCF9.33 (1.61/71.22)*
DCF9.11 (2.26/54.35)*
PC 8.11 (3.56/20.64)*
SC15.10 (0.61/49.83)
SC25.78 (1.20/40.37)

CAM: chorioallantoic membrane, CEE: ethanolic extract of flowers from Calendula officinalis at 1%, HCF: hexanic fraction at 1%, DCF: dichloromethane fraction at 1%, PC: positive control at 1% (17 β-estradiol), SC1: solvent control with 70% ethanol, SC2: solvent control with distilled water. * when compared to SC1.