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Review Article

Role of Mesotherapy in Musculoskeletal Pain: Opinions from the Italian Society of Mesotherapy

Table 4

Randomized, controlled clinical trial in patients with low back pain, cervicobrachialgia and calcific painful tendinitis of the shoulder.

StudyDiseaseNo. of patientsStudy characteristicsDrugs utilizedControlPeriod of followupNo. of sessionsOutcome

Parrini et al. 2002 [53]Acute lumbosciatic pain syndrome44RAAcetylsalicylic acidPC1 day1Pain reduction/safety

Monticone et al. 2004 [54]Low back pain (sacroiliac dysfunction)22RA P CNSAIDsLaser therapy1 year2 session per week (8 sessions)Pain reduction better for mesotherapy, exercise and dynamic support than laser therapy

Costantino et al. 2010 [55]Low back pain84RA P CLidocaine, ketoprofen, and methylprednisoloneStandard therapy ketoprofen, esomeprazole and methylprednisolone6 months5 sessionsSame efficacy and safety systemic therapy

Di Cesare et al. 2010 [56]Low back pain62RA P CLidocaineMesotherapy in acupuncture points versus mesotherapy in trigger points12 weeks4 sessionsBetter reduction of pain with mesotherapy in acopunture points

Cacchio et al. 2009 [57]Calcific tendinitis of the shoulder80RA DBDisodium EDTA and procainePC1 year1 session at weekly intervals for 3 weeksCalcification disappeared completely in 62.5% and partially in 22.5% of pts; partially effects were registered in 15% of pts in the control group

Palermo et al. 1991 [60]Cervicobrachialgia20RA P O CLidocaine and myorelaxantTENS20 days6 TENS 4 mesotherapyMesotherapy combined with TENS improves symptoms management, and reduces the number of needed TENS sessions

The table lists clinical studies or case reports to evaluate the reduction of pain in various clinical conditions. The pain was noted with visual scales.
P: prospective, O: open, DB: double blind, RA: randomized, C: controlled, and PC: placebo controlled.