Research Article

The Potential Utility of Curcumin in the Treatment of HER-2-Overexpressed Breast Cancer: An In Vitro and In Vivo Comparison Study with Herceptin

Figure 6

In vivo effects of curcumin on the herceptin and/or taxol-treated HER-2-overexpressed breast cancer xenografts. The HER-2-overexpressed BT-474 cells were injected in 4–6-week-old, female, athymic, nude mice subcutaneously at 1 × 107 cells/tumor in the right flank region to form xenografts. Six mice per group were treated with different protocols with tumor volume monitored biweekly for consecutive 4 weeks. (a) The mean xenograft tumor volume change of control (0.1% DMSO), herceptin, curcumin, and combined curcumin and herceptin. (b) The mean xenograft tumor volume of taxol, taxol + herceptin, taxol + curcumin, and combined taxol + herceptin + curcumin. (c) The body weight change of these mice treated with herceptin and/or curcumin. DMSO, dimethyl sulfoxide.